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Tessa Marie Wild
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Hello. My name is Tess. I am a Vocalist, songwriter, Author and Poet... I have published 2 poems in the past few years and am currently trying to publish a book. I have written 6 books and I am still writing..

My passion is Music and Writing; I am going into All Mammal Behavior and Specializing in Rodents <3

If you want to know more, contact me and I'll be glad to answer. I am a very outgoing and open person. Don't be shy. Hehe, Lol...

THANK YOU for visiting my page.
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Once again, CM and I had sex for the 3rd time. We went outside again. But at this point he had put a pile of wood together so we could be more comfortable. We were in the same spot as the last 2 times.

This time we were actually able to undress together. We didn’t have to use our clothes as something to lean on either. We started with me on the bottom. We went really rough and brought a condom, but never got to use it, switching back and forth a lot. The wooden base to lay on made it so much more comfortable to move. (Before we started having sex I gave him another blow job, and I didn’t mind).

We had really rough sex again, but I didn’t get a burn from the condom because we didn’t use it. About halfway through it started raining. It was kind of nice and romantic. With the rain and nature around us. We had sex about 30 minutes that day. Unlike the last 2 times that lasted about an hour. At the end he had just barely pulled out in time to keep from finishing inside of me without a condom on. I gave him a quick blow job to finish cleaning him and we left because it was starting to pour and we didn’t want to get caught.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)

My second time having sex. Again with CM. We’re still together. We went back to our spot in the woods. Our parents know about last time we had sex; they (well my parents) tried to argue I shouldn’t go over again because of the sex. Failed.

Because last time we got messy in the dirt, we had to move careful not to get caught this time. We used his clothes to lay on. This time I was fine undressing in front of him. I figured if I already showed him, doesn’t matter anymore. I started on the bottom again and we actually used a condom this time. This time was even better than last time; aside from the after burns from the condom because we were rough.

Anyways, when we started I was on the bottom and when he was finally in it was amazing. He didn’t try to be as careful this time. I wanted him to be rough and it was better. He got in much deeper because of it. So he continued in and out, rough for a while. Eventually we switched positions and I was on top again, like last time. He was rough like that too and I moved with him which made it feel even better.

Now we decided to try a different position. He was still lying on his back and I was still on top, except I was faced away. This made the penetration deeper than the other positions and it was easier for him to push in and out, along with a lot of grabbing my boobs—but I didn’t mind. We continued like that and I learned I am quiet when I have sex. I moan once in a while, but I’m generally quiet unless it’s when they hit my main spot.

After that we kept switching between me on the bottom or top. We didn’t try the newer position again. Finally he finished this time. We actually tried to make out, but he didn’t like doing both at the same time because we were outside and it was hard enough on the ground.
#2, Sex Entry 5/12/2012 (CM)
My second sex diary entry
My Video

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)

Obviously this is my first time. It was with my best friend, CM. Dating since January 1st, 2012. So we were together about 3 months. We loved each other, so it definitely wasn’t just for the sex. We were outside, (I went to his house that day) and he took me somewhere he had found in the woods. Shady, nice, and there were 2 trees on each side. Of course because this was my first time I was extremely nervous. And the fact that I loved him and we’d been best friends for about 2 ½ years by then made me even more nervous… So he was patient. We planned this for a few weeks. Maybe 2 or 3 weeks, so I felt bad that I had been taking so long to feel comfortable. Because I was so uncomfortable and shy we turned away to undress. After that I laid down between the 2 trees and he leaned over me slowly.

My heart was racing and I was still feeling shy, but not as much as before. I was mostly shy because I wanted him to like the way I looked and how I was at sex. I was afraid he’d think I wasn’t good enough looking and I was bad at sex and leave me. It took him a while because he wanted to find the right angle… He opened my legs and finally found the right angle to start. We didn’t use a condom because we didn’t really care and planned for him to finish in my mouth. Once he was in he went slowly in and out because it was my first time and he didn’t want to hurt me. It didn’t hurt at all and I didn’t bleed like normal people do their first time. He continued to go in and out for a while. This wasn’t his first time, so it took a while.

We had sex for about an hour that day, but before that hour was up, we had fun. After a bit of me on the bottom, we switched positions. The next one we did was the average position where I was on top. This position honestly made it easier for me to move with him. Especially because we were on hard dirt. He continued to push himself in and out of me, moving faster and harder now. This position was when we had the most fun that day because every time he would pull out too far, it would be funny for one of us to try to get him back in. This was about half the way through that hour. The only complaint I had was that my knees hurt so badly because the ground was so rough. While we were having sex all I could think about was how much I loved him, how good it felt, and that I couldn’t believe it was all real. Honestly one of the best moments of my life.

After we finished with that position, we stopped having sex, but I started giving him a blow job. This I wasn’t so nervous about because I’d done it once before, so I knew I’d succeed with this. (Also, through the time we were having sex, he told me I was the tightest of anyone he’s been with). So, he hadn’t finished yet, we assumed it was because he was uncomfortable outside. I gave him a blow job for about 15 minutes and he still hadn’t finished. He kept thinking he would soon, but then it took a little longer. Eventually I just got tired of sucking so much that we gave up. We got dressed and left. (Forgot to mention he did a lot of playing with my boobs during sex).

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